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Mental Health Solutions Curated
For Your Needs


Counseling Center on the West Side of Madison

Each of our staff members speciallizes in a few different life issues, making them knowledgeable and experienced in their discipline.  We will help you find the right match for your counseling needs.


It forced me to face my issues and it provided me with an environment to effectively work on these issues in a safe place.  NorthStar changed my life.  I don’t know what I would do or what I would be if it hadn’t been for that experience and I want you to know that it really, really made a difference in my life.


5 years after treatment

I learned a lot from going there.  There are other ways to solve problems rather than resort to violence or use drugs or snapping out on my teacher.  They showed me a lot of other ways to deal with my anger and frustrations.


4 years after treatment

I really found the expressive art therapy to be useful.  Because I internalized, the ability to express myself through art was very beneficial.  I was able to write poetry about what I was dealing with, draw pictures, make jewelry, candles and stuff like that.


4 years after treatment

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6506 Schroeder Rd

Madison, WI 53711

Phone (608) 270-1960

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