Adolescent Day Treatment


A teen’s search for independence, identity and autonomy can be made more difficult when societal influences compete with family values and parents best efforts to raise a child. This struggle is heightened when teens suffer with psychiatric, psychological or emotional problems. NorthStar Adolescent Day Treatment is a program to help with complicated and serious situations like these, where individual therapy is not sufficient and inpatient hospitalization either inadequate or inappropriate. For more information, referrals, or inquiries about the intensive outpatient program contact us.

Types of Group Therapy

Group Therapy:  This group addresses the psychological, social and emotional factors that affect the adolescent.  Group is milieu based and interactive with peers and staff.  It also utilizes the teaching of communication and assertiveness skills, conflict resolution, relaxation, problem-solving, coping strategies, alcohol and drug issues.

Expressive Psychotherapy:  The expressive psychotherapy group consists of active participation in art projects, drama, and therapeutic group activities that are designed to build interpersonal skills promote group cohesiveness/trust, and build an individual’s self-esteem.  Role-playing, movement, family sculpture, therapeutic games and recreational activities may also be utilized.

Family Program:  The family program is designed to promote better understanding and communication between family members in a supportive group setting.

Dialetic Behavior Therapy (DBT): This group encompasses mindfulness training, distress tolerance, emotional regulation and interpersonal effectiveness. It emphasizes an increased tolerance toward emotions, inner awareness, self-control, acceptance and change.

Adolescent Day Treatment Brochure